Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6The Movie was About… A boy named Hiro is a robotics genius. His brother built a robot, Baymax, to help the world. Hiro’s brother died in an accidental fire. But was it an accident? Hiro and his brother’s friends, with the help of Baymax, try to find the person who caused the fire. Kids Critic... Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the GalaxyThe Movie was About… In Guardians of the Galaxy, a bunch of criminals had to save the world. An orb that had a magic crystal in it, was in the hands of an evil guy. The criminals had to get it to save the galaxy. They had to work together to get the orb back,... Read More »

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesKids Critic thought…. The movie was about the apes. They lived in peace together and built homes. After years, a human found them. One ape went to the village where the humans were. He found lots of weapons that could be used against them. A war started afterwards. Lots of humans and apes died. Overall,... Read More »


MaleficentKids Critic thought…. Maleficent was a kind fairy. She was friends with a boy named Stephan. When they grew up, Stephan betrayed her. Maleficent was very upset, and cursed Stephan’s daughter so that she would die on her 16th birthday. While his daughter, Aurora, grew up, Maleficent started to like her. She tried to undo... Read More »

How to Train your Dragon 2

How to Train your Dragon 2Kids Critic thought…. There used to be a war with the dragons. The vikings would kill them and fight them. The war has been done for 5 years now. Hiccup was out riding and found people stealing dragons. He decided to try and reason with them and ended up starting a new war. Here’s what... Read More »

Rio 2

Rio 2Kids Critic thought…. Blu and Jewel are the last sphinx macaws on Earth. Their 3 kids make them all the last 5. Annoyed by the others acting like humans instead of birds, Jewel decides to take the family on a trip to the amazon. When they arrive, it turned out that there were more sphinx... Read More »

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Mr. Peabody and ShermanMr. Peabody is a talking dog. He never got a home when he was a puppy, so he decided to learn. After being super smart, he adopted a boy named Sherman. Mr. Peabody built a time machine called the Wayback so he could teach Sherman history by seeing it happen. When Sherman goes to school... Read More »

Smarty Pants

Smarty PantsKids Critic thought…. Smarty Pants is a trivia game. You can play either in a team or alone. When you play in a team, it will pick the order in which each player chooses their answer. Only one person picks an answer. In the very beginning of the game, you enter your age and it... Read More »

The Lego Movie

The Lego MovieThe Movie was About… Everybody loves legos. Now they get to do their own things in The Lego Movie. In the movie, the lego people have specific instructions to do things during their lives. One lego guy, Emmet, is like everybody else. He is a construction worker, and he accidentally falls in a hole. Before... Read More »

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft Xbox 360 EditionKids Critic thought…. Minecraft is a game where you enter the world of pixely fun. Everything is made of square blocks! You are Steve, and your job is to survive. You need food so you aren’t hungry and of course just avoiding high cliffs and falling. Life is good right? Wrong. Every night, monsters spawn... Read More »